Queen Bees

Our Queens our promise


Our Queen bees are only bred from reliable healthy productive stock to DPI standards by a qualified Queen breeder.

We use the best breeder queens and mother drone colonies to ensure our queens are perfectly mated for hygiene & disease resistance, honey production and gentleness.

 This is our promise.

Catch cycle


We operate on a 21 day catch cycle, so your future queens have laid a frame of eggs, we can then inspect the laying pattern before we catch and package her up for shipping. 

We also include a minimum of 6 attendant (nurse ) bees with the Queen to keep her well fed and happy on her trip.

Our Queen supply


People ask what’s the minimum or maximum order you can supply?

We can supply orders for a Single Hive Enthusiasts to Commercial Operators. 

Types of queens


We predominantly breed Italians because they are gentle to work with, are great honey producers, disease resistant and by specialising in this breed we have great success and can produce quality every time

Installing a new Queen.


Installing a Queen or re Queening.

We can supply a paper copy if requested.

Tested Queens


These Queens are held longer, 21 days after mating. They are tested for desirable traits: gentleness and calmness on the comb, disease resistance, progeny is also inspected for colour and the brood laying pattern of the queen is inspected. Tested Queens have a higher acceptance rate.


Italian Queens

Italian Queens: $35.00  

Marked Italian Queens: $45.00  

Tested & Marked Italian Queens: $60.00

Shipping: $15.00     

Italian Traits  

•Calm well natured bees   

•Docile and calm on the comb   

•Great Disease resistance     

•Higher honey consumption over winter   

•More reluctant to swarm especially in the first 2 years  

•Love working supers and building comb   

•Great honey foragers and honey production

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Contact us to discuss bulk or commercial or export Queen purchases.

Please note, I am often out in the field with the bees and out of range so cannot be contacted directly by phone. If you need to get in touch, please send me an email and allow two weeks for a response.  General enquiries may take longer - please be patient.

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