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Bees to start new hives or expand your Apiary

Our Bees


Our bee’s well-being is our number one priority.   Our promise is to deliver healthy, happy bees every time. Whether a Queen, Nucleus Hive or a Package, they are livestock and must be handled correctly. We only use the best freight options including Airplane, Refrigerated Truck or personal delivery. If I can’t get the bees to you healthy and happy, I won’t send them. Email us for further information.

Nucleus Hives


Our Nucleus Hives consist of full depth Langstroth frames of brood, pollen and honey with a new young mated and marked Queen. Our Nucleus Hives are brand new boxes and frames eliminating the risk of disease transfer. We establish our Nucs using the preferred method by the Department of Primary Industries.

Our Package Bees


Package bees work in all hives, Top Bar, Langstroth, Warre hive, Flow hive etc. Our packages consist of approximately 1.8 kilo of bees and a young mated queen.

Commercial Quantities


For larger quantities we can also offer two further options. Bring your hives to us and we can either transfer a five frame Nuc directly into you hives or shake packages of bees directly into your hives. 

Email for more information.


New to Beekeeping


Beekeeping is a fascinating pastime. If you’re thinking of getting started with beekeeping here are some tips.

Join a local beekeeping association/club.  

Read as much about bees as you can. Complete a course or find a mentor. Make sure you have time to dedicate to your bees. 

Check your proposed location for easy access and space for your bees.           Purchase your equipment and set up your hive prior to getting your bees.  Register as a Beekeeper with the Department of Primary Industries.    Now you are ready to purchase your bees.

Installing your bees


Never had bees before? 

Never installed bees before ?

We can supply paper copy instruction with the bees upon request. 


Nucleus Hives

  Hive Doctor 5 Frame Full Depth Nuc. 

Consisting of: 

Young mated and marked Queen. 

5 frames including Brood, Honey and Pollen. 

Closable entrance disk and two ventilation inserts.  


Hive Doctor 7 Frame Full Depth Nuc. 

Consisting of: 

Young mated and marked Queen. 

5 frames including Brood, Honey and Pollen. 

2 Frame 5 litre Feeder with Cap & Two Ladders. 

Closable entrance disk and two ventilation inserts.  


DPI Registration Required.

Collection location will be advised once payment is received.

Contact Us

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Give me a buzz

Contact us to discuss delivery or pick up options of your bees. 

We also have Bee Keepers in most States. We prefer air freight so the Bees are not damaged in transport and arrive happy.

Please note, I am often out in the field with the bees and out of range so cannot be contacted directly by phone. If you need to get in touch, please send me an email and allow two weeks for a response.  General enquiries may take longer - please be patient.

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