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About Us

What we do


The Bee Farmer is a Australian owned business in the Apiculture Industry specialising in 

  • Queen breeding 
  • Farming bees 
  • Pollination services 
  • Wholesale honey sales 

How can we help


We can provide fast delivery of queens and bees to NSW,ACT,QLD,SA and VIC within the Department of Primary Industries Regulations.

Maybe you are after pollination and want to improve your fruit set or nut harvest?

We dont just deliver a healthy livestock of bees we can advise pollination stocking rates and custom make a pollination service to ensure you yield that perfect crop and maximise your profits with a friendly professional service. 

Our bees win local and national awards because we have the experience required to put the bees in the right place at the right time. 

The right choice


By choosing the Bee Farmer you are making the right choice. 

Our bees are our family, our passion and our life, I am a 5th generation Bee Keeper and qualified trained Queen Breeder.

You won’t be disappointed.