Package Bees to start new hives or expand your Apiary fast

Our Package Bees


If I can’t get the bees to you healthy and happy I won’t send them.

The bees well-being is our number one priority. 

Our promise is to deliver healthy, happy bees every time. Whether a queen or a package, they are livestock and must be handled correctly. We only use the best freight options including Airplane, Refrigerated Truck or personal delivery.

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Bee keeping equipment

Does the Bee Farmer sell equipment ?

We specialise in bees however we can put you in touch with the right suppliers to ensure you are looked after.

Package bees work in all hives


Package bees will work in top bar, langstroth, flow hive etc.

Package bees are the best way to start bee keeping as they are easy to install. 


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Installing package bees


Never had bees before? 

Never installed package bees before ?

We can supply paper copy instruction with the bees upon request. 

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Package Bee Currently Unavailable. DPI registration required


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Pickup location will be advised once payment is received.

For all other Package Bee orders email us for a quote. I can organise packages anywhere in NSW, QLD, VIC and ACT.

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Give me a buzz

Contact us to discuss delivery or pick up options of your bees. 

We also have Bee Keepers in most States. We prefer air freight so the Bees are not damaged in transport and arrive happy.

Please note, I am often out in the field with the bees and out of range so cannot be contacted directly by phone. If you need to get in touch, please send me an email and allow two weeks for a response.  General enquiries may take longer - please be patient.

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